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I've been doing dragon paintings for years (started on youtube in 2006).  I have been craving for a long time to finally create a story featuring dragons. But I did not want to do the stereotypically knights, castles, "Middle Earth" type story-- I am more of a bizarre scientist-fi fantasy story guy, In other words, I wanted a story that you DON'T typically find dragons in. I recently applied the same thinking to "Werewolves vs Dinosaurs". In that story, I knew people coming into it would be expecting a specific (cliche') horror story with violent fights between monsters, etc. But that is not my thing. I love good bizarre epic stories with depth and twists. Anyone who read that comic will have noticed that the story was nothing like what they probably expected going in.  


The above image is one of my most populardragon paintings to date. That being said, it was probably my biggest "blockage" to coming up with a dragon story, since it immediately throws my mind into the old stereotypical dragon stories of old. 

I asked my son to come up with a premise for a story involving dragons... I needed something to start with, and I KNEW he would not go into the realm of stories that resemble to above painting. 

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