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Welcome to my little place of escapism!


As a commercial artist who does animatics and storyboards for my "day job", I figured that a webcomic would be a great place to use those same abilities to explore all of the  story ideas in my head.

I have always been a story creator since I was very young. It was part of what pushed me into drawing. So many ideas, stories, imaginative worlds, etc. But by the time I turned 30, I found myself pushing away from that part of my creativity in the quest for financial stability. During the years since that time, I have worked (on the side) in comics here and there, doing such things as Star Wars comics for Dark Horse, amongst other things. 

Now that I am older, I find the need to write stories has returned bigger than ever. So much inspiration coming from life's experiences, as well as a need to have a place where I can focus my exercises in drawing and painting. A webcomic is perfect, as I do not have the pressure to perform a body of work within an assigned time (i.e. solicitations and release dates, etc). I attempted that last year (along with writer Eric Dobson) on the story "Werewolves vs. Dinosaurs". Found out pretty quickly that, that model of comics creating is not for me. The pressures of following such a schedule (as that of the comics industry) turned out to be a huge conflict with my "day job" as a commercial artist, and ended costing me way too much.

That being said, I do intend to create a tentative schedule for releasing this web comic. As of now, I am eyeing up Tuesdays and Fridays (USA Eastern timezone). So feel free to check back on those days (even send me a nudge) to let me know you are waiting and watching. 


"Terra Daunting" was conceived as a place to feature my various creatures and sci fi weirdos that you see me draw and paint on my youtube channel (cgsbgs)  and Deviant art page. But that is not to say it is strictly a visual vehicle for the art... The story has a lot of unexpected twists and elements that represent a lot of important themes that come from my head and heart as I live out my place amongst this world. 

"Terra Daunting" is the name that the locals of Shroud Valley have given to a local mountain where various legends live. But there is a secret inside the mountain that the legends have actually originated from. 

Four different protagonists find themselves united together after they are forced together by a chance encounter with each other as well as some of the insane circumstance unfolding in this little town. Circumstances that could affect the entire world. Maybe even destroy it.

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